The Orality Centre is also pleased to announce the first of our newly developed classes in the Mnemonic Arts. These classes, which run over 10 weeks in second term, are designed specifically for Primary or Secondary school children. Each particular set of classes will be directed at the appropriate level of your child’s learning and their particular subject of interest, using the Arts as the fundamental memory tool.

Derived from Lynne Kelly’s experiences working in schools we will introduce our students to the design , creation and use of their own Rapscallion. We will help them with their learning in literacy using our ‘Just So’ Alphabet, as well as numeracy with Lynne’s wonderfully designed ‘Times Tablets’. Memory Palaces, Memory Boards as well as mnemonic games and play based learning will be a feature throughout the 10 week course.

For further enquiries, bookings and enrollments please email us at with your name, contact details and the particular class or workshop you are interested in attending.

Alternatively you can call Paul Allen on 0404 127 038 or Alice Steel on 0401 441 292