Memory Workshops

The Orality Centre is pleased to announce we will be running a series of memory workshops over the weekend August 3rd and 4th.

With the release of Dr Lynne Kelly’s most recent book Memory Craft its a great time to expand your memory skills .

Sat Aug 3rd: 10am – 1pm – Memory Palace

A phenomenal location based memory technique best known from the ancient greeks method of loci and used by all indigenous cultures, including Aboriginal Song lines and Native American pilgrimage trails.

Sat Aug 3rd:  2pm- 5pm – Memory Boards

Based on the Lukasa once used by the Luba people from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are convenient portable devices that encode information to a miniature landscape made of carefully chosen beads, shells, stones and other found objects.

Alice Steel’s personal Winter Count – encoding all the most important memories from her life.

Sun Aug 4th: 10am- 1pm – Winter Counts

Based on creations by the Native American Sioux. Each pictogram is designed to encodes the most important event or memory that occurred during one year. Spiralling out sequentially from a central symbol. Workshop participants will make a Winter-Count depicting the story of their own life

Prices $60 per workshop

Tea/Coffee and biscuits provided 

For bookings please fill in your details below and let us know which workshop you would like to attend in the comments section.


Looking forward to creating some fun memories with you soon.