The Orality Centre is pleased to announce our latest day of workshops teaching participants the technique of constructing their own Memory Palaces. Followed by a separate workshop in the afternoon focused on creating and using Memory Boards.


800px-Hans_Vredeman_de_Vries_Nachfolge_Ideale_PalastarchitekturOur workshops on Memory Palaces have been the most popular workshops so far, and the basic skills taught underpin all known memory techniques.

The memory palace consists of a sequence of locations in which information is stored by linking it to the physical properties of the location. It is the single most effective memory system known, used by all indigenous cultures (such as Australian Aboriginal songlines and Native American pilgrimage trails). They are best known from the orators of the ancient Greeks from Homer to Cicero. All contemporary memory champions use this method.

Paul Allen will teach the method using the example of the countries of the world in population order. The workshop will then adjust to working with participants to encode information of their choice to a unique memory palace of their own. Participants will need to bring their information with them.

The cost of this single workshop is $60. Light refreshments will be supplied.

3-reefe-lukasa-fig1Memory boards are incredibly effective portable devices, found in various forms right across indigenous cultures, from the songboards and birchbark scrolls of Native Americans to the tjuringa of Australian Aboriginal elders. We will model our memory boards on the well-documented West African lukasa of the Luba people.  In its simplest form, the lukasa consists of beads and shells attached to a piece of wood, just the right size to hold comfortably – which we will call a TOC-lukasa. A personal TOC-lukasa is a gorgeous object which is hugely practical as well.

Alice Steel will instruct participants in how to encode information of their choosing and design their memory boards accordingly. Please bring information for any topic with you. We will also have examples of suitable information on offer.

This single workshop costs $65 and includes all materials needed in the creation of your own TOC-lukasa. Light refreshments will be supplied.

The Mnemonic Arts

The Orality Centre is also pleased to announce the first of our newly developed classes in the Mnemonic Arts. These classes, which run over 10 weeks in second term, are designed specifically for Primary or Secondary school children. Each particular set of classes will be directed at the appropriate level of your child’s learning and their particular subject of interest, using the Arts as the fundamental memory tool.


For further enquiries, bookings and enrollments please email us at with your name, contact details and the particular class or workshop you are interested in attending.

Alternatively you can call Paul Allen on 0404 127 038 or Alice Steel on 0401 441 292