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Memory Workshops – Saturday 17 June

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Past events

Orality Centre staff have been involved with a number of events and discussions as part of establishing our priorities. The interest in the implications of orality in education during Lynne Kelly’s book tour in US and UK let to many invaluable discussions for future collaborations.

Lynne Kelly offered a three-hour Memory Workshop at the University of Nottingham, UK, on Wednesday 22nd of February, 2017. The success of this workshop provides a foundation for future Memory Workshops for adults and university students.

Paul Allen has been working with a number of primary schools starting the process of introducing narrative and ‘mythological’ characters across the curriculum. He has coined the term Rapscallions for the characters we are creating.

Lynne and Damian Kelly will be travelling to Cairns on Wednesday 28 June 2107 to work with Small World Journeys, offering workshops using indigenous memory systems for students and educators. They will be in the company of Aboriginal colleagues.

Small World Journeys website can be found here.



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